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1 March-South Africa, Municipal elections (Gary Selikov 16/12/05)
2 March-Rwanda, Local elections
6 March-Uganda, Municipal and township elections
7 March-Netherlands, Municipal elections (Europeangreens 28/12/05)
7 March-Missouri (USA), City elections in Kansas City
7 March-Virginia (USA), City council and town council primary elections
7-8 March-California (USA), County elections
9 March-Malta, Local elections (Europeangreens 28/12/05)
9 March-Uganda, Councilors and sub-county elections
10 March-Djibouti, Regional elections (EISA 26/1/06)
12 March-El Salvador, Parliamentary and municipal elections (Wikipedia)
12 March-Mexico State (Mexico), Local assembly and municipal elections (IFE)
12 March-Russia, Local assembly elections in the republics of Adigeya and Altai and in Kalinigrad, Kirov, Kursk and Nizhny Novogorod Oblasti
12 March-Burkina Faso, Local government elections (EISA 26/1/06)
14 March-Minnesota (USA), Township elections
14 March-Florida (USA), City elections
14 March-New Hampshire (USA), Township elections and Special election for Rockingham County District No. 9
14 March-Oregon (USA), Municipal elections
26 March-Hesse (Germany), Municipal elections (Stefan Mueller 29/12/05)
26 March-Yokohama (Japan), Mayoral election (The Daily Yomiuri 19/1/06)


April-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro), Municipal elections
April-Yatsushiro (Japan), Mayoral election
April-Tyrol (Austria), Local elections in Innsbruck
1 April-Louisiana (USA), Municipal primary elections
4 April-Kansas (USA), City elections
4 April-Colorado (USA), Municipal and County elections
4 April-Missouri (USA), Municipal and special elections
4 April-Wisconsin (USA), County elections
23 April-Portugal, Municipal by-election in Vila Nova de Famalicao
29 April-Lousiana (USA), Municipal elections except in New Orleans
30 April-Haiti, Muncipal elections (L.Jacquemin)


May-Bahrain, Municipal elections
2 May-California (USA), County elections
2 May-Virginia (USA), City council elections in 34 cities and town council elections in 174 towns
2 May-Wyoming (USA), Township elections
4 May-England (United Kingdom), Local council and mayoral elections (Wikipedia)
7 May-Tasmania (Australia), Local council elections
9 May-New Hampshire (USA), Township elections
16 May-Dominican Republic, Parliamentary and municipal elections


June-Italy, Municipal elections
June-Georgia, Local elections
June-Abkhazia (Georgia), Local elections
June-South Ossetia (Georgia), Local elections
June-Seoul (South Korea), Mayoral election
June-West Virginia (USA), Township elections in Richwood and Franklin
June-Aceh (Indonesia), Regional elections
6 June-New Mexico (USA), Gubernatorial, US Congressional and county primary elections
6 June-Iowa (USA), Gubernatorial, US Congressional and county primary elections
6 June-California (USA), Special election and County elections in Long Beach
8 June-San Francisco (USA), District primary elections
13 June-Virginia (USA), US Congressional and city council primary elections
13 June-Maine (USA), Gubernatorial and US Congressional primary runoff elections
13 June-South Carolina (USA), Gubernatorial, US Congressional primary elections 1st round and local council elections

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/maxcrc/elections.html

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